‪#‎ThankfulThursday‬: It really is true that you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone. Due to a flooding in my basement which put out the pilot light in my hot water heater, I went without hot water for a week. I’m extremely thankful it’s back on now!!! The whole scenario got me thinking of how it feels to run out of medications and then being thankful to get them refilled. While the majority of the time I manage my meds without any hiccups, sometimes there are unforeseen circumstances that throw me for a loop. This has lead me to hoard medication. I don’t throw away anything, not expired meds or even ones I’m no longer taking, because you just never know. Looking back there have been a few times when I wasn’t able to get my refill on time and I had to dig thru my medicine cupboard. Finding that forgotten medication, just to have something to hold me over til I got my new script, was almost as good as having my hot water back.

What are you thankful for this week?

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I get my Migraine Headaches in the back of the head; sometimes it feels like someone hit me with a baseball bat! Does anyone else get a headache in the back of the head?

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My doctor just prescribed me Divalproex Sodium Dr 250 mg. The warnings on this stuff are scary!! Anyone have any experience with this?

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June Chronic Migraine Awareness Apparel!

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Somebody asked a similar question about migraines in relation to nausea and throwing up, but my question is, how do you feel after you throw up during a migraine? Better, worse, no effect? Does this happen often? Me, personally, when I first started to get migraines at about 5 years of age, I’d get all the stereotypical symptoms, but then when I threw up, it would all be over. Just like that. Back to normal. I’m not like that today, unfortunately. ?

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‪#‎TriedItTuesday‬: I’ve always been a fan of yoga. I’ve done vinyasa, Forrest, and am now working with a teacher who does the Franklin method. Anyone have any good results in yoga in helping their migraines? For me I am trying to strengthen and stretch a painful and stiff neck. Types of yoga that are too fast or athletic seem to worsen the issue. I’d love to hear what others have tried. ?

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Woke up at 3am, half my tongue refused to respond to my brain and I could not feel my jaw on the right. It felt like someone was poking hot needles in my head. This morning it is all gone, but I feel like Pompeii after Vesuvius exploded. Has anyone ever lost speech when having a migraine?

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Summer season springs cluster headaches into action

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