Ice Pack vs Heating Pad.

We’ve all tried these options and most of us will like one of these options over the other. There’s a good reason for that. Ice reduces swelling, so if your migraines have a vasodilation aspect to them then the constricting effects from the ice will help ease some of the pain. Heat, on the other hand, penetrates deep into the muscle tissue helping to relax muscle spasms. So if you have some muscle tension triggers to your migraines heat is the better option for you.

So what works best for you, Ice Pack or Heating Pad?

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  1. fishnbanjos said: Heat. Ice makes them so much worse.
  2. inquisitivespirit answered: Ice pack, heating my head up, even in the shower, makes me feel worse
  3. littlelittlexo said: Ice all the way. Sometimes heat
  4. agenderavenger answered: ice, never heat!
  5. icreatemayhem said: I’m not sure where I would be without my heat packs, they give the only little bit relief I can find from the pain…total fashion statement with sometimes 2 or 3 strapped to my head haha the joys!
  6. mefou said: The Ice Pack is my best friend especially when the weather heats
  7. chronic-cuteness answered: Ice!
  8. its-a-light-youre-after answered: Ice pack around forehead and temples, heating pad on nape of neck. Pulls all the blood back down out of the head.
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